We take the guesswork out of irrigation.
Our soil moisture sensors are integrated with cloud based algorithms that send farmers a simple SMS telling them when and how much to irrigate.

Sensor 1
Sensor 2



Wireless capacitance based moisture sensor
10-inch probe captures moisture in root zone
Switch on and start receiving alerts


Communicates over SMS protocol
Robust waterproof casing
GPS tracker in-built


Real-time data with highly configurable settings


Lithium battery charged by solar panel
Battery lasts one month without sunlight

Final laptop

Analytics Dashboard


Monitor soil moisture, temperature and GPS data


Configure sensors and alert levels from dashboard


Store multiple soil calibration curves


Detect technical problems through error flags


Map thousands of data points


Export data to excel for further analysis

Basic sensor

Basic Sensor

includes taxes and delivery

Delivery December 2018

Ideal for medium sized farmers

Get 6 daily SMS alerts on your phone

Real-time reading on demand function

Sim, rechargeable battery and USB charger provided

Includes 1-year sim subscription (INR 1000/year after 1st year)

1-year guarantee and 24/7 tech support

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Pro Sensor

includes taxes and delivery

Delivery December 2018

Ideal for large farmers and researchers

Includes all basic sensor features

1-year access to Analytics Dashboard

Your data at your fingertips

Minimum order 10 basic sensors

India map

Frequently Asked Questions

How will your sensors save me money?

Our sensors tell you the right amount of water your soil needs. Farmers that rely on guesswork often over and under-irrigate. Over time this leads to reduced yield, wasted water and fertiliser leaching.

How many sensors do I need for my farm?

One sensor per soil type is recommended. For example, If you have a 5-acre field with 90% sandy soil then one sensor is advised.
If your 5-acre field has 50% sandy soil and 50% clay soil then 2 sensors are recommended.

How does sensor know when to irrigate?

The sensor has 2 alert levels – upper alert level and lower alert level. The upper level is the optimal moisture level to maintain for your field while you can adjust your lower level depending on how frequently you want to irrigate. If moisture is below the lower level, you will be advised to irrigate.

How do I install my sensor?

Installation must be done correctly to ensure you make best use of your sensor. Watch the installation video on our Resources page and carefully read the user guide enclosed in the sensor packaging.

How do I uninstall my sensor?

If the blue LED light is still flashing, remove the sensor from the field and unscrew the top casing to switch off the sensor. If it is not flashing simply remove the sensor from the field. Store it in a cool place indoors.

My sensor doesn't send alerts, what should I do?

CGet in touch with us so we can find out what is wrong with your sensor.

My sensor is stolen, will you replace it?

Our sensors have GPS tracker and we will try our best to locate it for you but cannot replace a sensor in case of theft.

What kind of battery operates the sensor?

Our sensor are powered by lithium polymer rechargeable batteries. The batteries can last up to a month without sunlight and charging takes about 90 minutes. We provide a USB charger with the sensor. Get in touch with us if you require any assistance.

Sensor installation guide


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