20 Jun 2018


Soil moisture sensors until now have been out of reach for small and medium sized farmers around the world. Firstly, the cost is tough to stomach. Secondly, if your water is paid for by the government, why should you worry about saving it? Thirdly, the benefits are there but can’t be measured directly. Affordable technology and growing water scarcity will change all that.

As labour gets more expensive and water becomes scarcer, small and medium farmers sized farmers will need to adopt new farming methods to stay profitable. Simple and easy-to-use low cost sensors like the Keedagro basic sensor are leading the way in changing how these farmers irrigate. We keep the upfront cost and setup hassle low so that farmers make that first step towards smart irrigation without feeling the financial risk or burden of change. All it takes is a simple missed call during irrigation to get a moisture reading from the sensor.

The benefits from trying are felt instantly. Our sensors keep farmers connected to their fields 24/7 through SMS alerts that recommend the right level of irrigation. This means better yields, less water usage, deferred borewell extraction costs, less fertiliser leaching and less field visits at untimely hours. For a 4-acre field, this saving can add up to almost 3 times the cost of a single basic sensor per year.

Once farmers get used to our sensors, they begin to feel the investment paying off. Sensor technology doesn’t just directly benefit the farmers that use it. The data is processed further to predict droughts and floods well in advance of them happening.

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